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MASS EFFECT!!! what else

Sorry friends of other fandoms but Mass Effect has eaten my brain and with the new game out I fear I will be talking about it quite a bit.

I, like everyone else out there, couldn't import my Shepard's face into ME3. It's such a disappointment. But I'm too impatient to play so I painstakingly recreated her face. I've made her face so many times before in the previous games that I could pretty much do it from memory. She came out looking really close to my original Shep. Only now all her worry lines are gone and it looks as if she had a face lift. Maybe being grounded and not fighting collectors and mercs will do that to you.

**small aside: I'm listening to the ME3 soundtrack and the beginning of track #8 sounds like it came directly from Bioshock.

OMG MY BELOVED KAIDAN!!! I dumped his sorry ass for Thane in the 2nd game but him getting hurt and Shepard being all emotional over it hit me hard. It reminded me that she/I really cared for him. I'm not going to take him back romantically but I want him to be well.

I like the new emotional Shepard. I can see that she has feelings now. Not that she didn't before but it's much more obvious. Especially with that dream sequence and her speech at the hospital.

I HATE those Cerberus guys with the metal shields. They just love to sneak up on me. I'm meleeing them to death but it has little effect. I've only done the mail slot trick once. Oh and the smoke bombs, not a fan of those either.

Lola, lol

I think my robo-dog is dead. I found him lying on his side in the cargo bay. lol

Palaven, or its moon I guess, is next on my hit list for tomorrow. I'm taking my time with this game. Mostly because I don't want to become too involved and then have to leave for New Zealand and be all sad.
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