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Finally Home and Mass Effect obviously

So I'm back from the wonderful land of New Zealand. It was an awesome trip and I'm sad that it's over. I met some amazing people and went to really cool places. I'll post more pics when I get the chance. If you want to see them all you can friend me on facebook.

So I'm only 7 hours into Mass Effect 3 and I'm kind of pissed off.

I received the email or whatever about Thane being in the hospital but whenever I go he is never there. Did my game glitch and I'll never get to see him? Do I need to do something to trigger his mission? I accidentally spoiled myself for his death which I am SUPER angry about. He was my love interest so it's going to suck if that is never resolved. I guess I could watch it on youtube but it won't even be the same.

I sort of just want to go back and finish my renegade Alice Shep in Mass Effect 2 (who is romancing Garrus) and then play ME 3 with her for the first time. I don't particularly care about her. Not like Ariel Shepard.

My Dad finished the game and thought the ending was okay but he could see why people hated it. I'm still remaining completely spoiler free. But I can't say that his opinion and those of others haven't influenced me.
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