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15 Hours into Mass Effect 3

So I finally played some more of the game this week. I had some major combat anxiety for some reason which was keeping me from playing. Plus schoolwork.

So...I'm a big sap. I totally cried during the hospital scene with Thane and Kolyat. Oh and when you receive that letter after he dies. I think I would have been even more devastated had I not been spoiled beforehand. GOD DAMN YOU KAI LENG!!! I swear I will take him out. And TIM and all of Cerberus. Especially the soldiers with those metal shields.

So I was really worried that we wouldn't get any more squadmates besides James, Liara, Garrus, Javik and Edi. Mostly because there were no obvious spots in the lineup. But I'm so happy that the lineup expands when you get new characters. I was going to be pissed if we got Kaidan back but lost him because of the Mars mission. What would have been the point of bringing him back as a character. But yay!! he's on the squad once more.

I'm glad Tali is back if only because I can have my original squad back for a little while. In ME1 I played exclusively with Liara and Tali. Legion surprised me. I wasn't expecting him to show up on that geth dreadnaught. Plus I was really worried that he was truly indoctrinated. I already had my kind efforts voided (the rachni) so I didn't want that to happen again. Is it weird that I still want the geth to fight with Shepard? Should I just give up that hope and side with the Quarians. Although I need them to give up on their geth war and fight for the galactic whole.

All in all I'm having fun. I just finished the shore leave mini-missions with my crew so I have to figure out my next move. By the way I'm too scared to scan for resources. Reapers obviously scare me.

I can't believe I'm still unspoiled for the majority of this game. My vigilance is paying off. Thank you friends for being so accommodating.
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