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Mass Effect 3

So I finally finished Mass Effect 3 and I'm still not quite sure what to think.

I'm struck by just how depressing my Shepard's ME3 experience was. First her love interest Thane died. Which gutted me btw and made me hate the pompous ass that Kai Leng was. Her revenge moment when she kills him was oddly satisfying. Then Mordin dies because she was trying to do the right thing by the Krogan people. And then I totally fucked up the Rannoch mission. I chose a non renegade/paragon dialogue option because I didn't want the geth to be annihilated by the Quarians. But lo and behold that option led to geth superiority and the death of all the quarians. I had to watch my beloved Tali commit suicide and could do nothing to save her. I promised myself that I wouldn't go back and change any of my decisions even if I didn't like the results. And this was a big hit. It made me cry. I took her along with me on ALL of my ME1 missions.

The ending just left me very confused. I chose the control option because it seemed like the only option that was a win for my Shepard. I couldn't destroy the geth and what EDI had become. I had just fought for their existence and right to live. I sacrificed the quarians for that. I couldn't let that be in vain. I couldn't destroy the citadel because for all I knew there were still millions of people on board. I had a high enough EMS so the galaxy was not destroyed in the process (but not high enough for synthesis). I can stand behind the belief that people will now have to learn to think for themselves, to rebuild without reaper influence. My Shepard would totally have sacrificed herself for this. So in that respect I'm happy with the ending.

What left me confused was the fate of all my squad mates. Why did they crash land on that planet? What is Garrus going to eat? Is everyone else back on Earth? These things I want to know. And I didn't really care for that bonus ending after the credits. It seemed too cheezy to me.

I'm not emotionally satisfied and I really hoped that I was going to be seeing that this is the end of the series. It's been almost 6 hrs since I finished and I'm still thinking about it.
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