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xbox live and random bits from my life

Hi was wondering if there was anyone out there whose gamertag I don't have. Mine is LunieVision so feel free to add me. I've been playing Borderlands and Halo lately. I also haven't tried the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer yet because I'm a wimp and am afraid to play with others. I really have to get over that.

Other Stuff

*I really don't need another celebrity crush in Robert Carlyle (I started watching Stargate Universe). That's why I have Chris Hemsworth. I thought I was finally learning age appropriateness. I guess not.

*Is it so much to ask for a RumBel fic without sex in every chapter. I just want a really good plot.

*On the flip side, why is it so difficult to find Regina/Gold hate sex. I just think those 2 would be fantastic together

*I can't wait for Once Upon a Time and Homeland tonight. I think I will literally die with the crazy.

*I have to get over my Lilith/Mordecai fixation and be okay with the fact that there is virtually no fic for them.
Tags: borderlands, halo, mass effect, once upon a time, robert carlyle, rumbel, video games
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