May 2nd, 2007

ME Miranda

Hello Laura

This is specially addressed to you since you are currently my only reader, although I would appreciate some pimpage if you have any friends who like BSG or Star Trek or want to introduce me to new things.

So, first off, I am so psyched that we will be watching B* (Battlestar Gallactica) soon. 

***cut for random thought*** There are so many fraking people in this episode of Xena Warrior Princess that I'm watching its crazy. Both Selma Blair and Aeryn Sun aka Claudia Black. The more important question would be why I'm watching Xena in the first place? And, even more importantly, why do I have Xena set to record on my DVR. It is a conundrum.

So yeah, back to BSG. OMG the awesomeness that is Starbuck, ahh sigh.

The following 2 things I will be doing daily: one good site rec and one wtf moment, Okay so here we go

Awesome Rec of the Day: Simply Syndicated
      The best podcast I have found so far on Star Trek (Make it so). It's very witty and very british. Also available on itunes.

WTF Rec of the Day: Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, official site really don't know how to explain this one. Just go to the official site and watch the trailer. My brain damn near exploded and not in a good way. But hey, it's Trek so some part of me wants to see it (even if it's just for laughs)

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ME Miranda

The Vileness of NBC

Why the fuck is ER still on tv!! My god, doesn't NBC have any standards. That show is about 5 seasons passed being any good. And now I have to wade through shitty comercials about Luka and Abby's wedding. It's a god damned fucking soap opera now. Arghhh...Why do I even care.


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