May 5th, 2007

ME Miranda

Ha Ha There is Justice in the World

Okay, to start off I am back in San Diego for the forseeable future. Which I have to say is kind of nice. I don't have the pressure of school anymore and I get to pretty much do whatever I want for a while. But cleaning up after my dog who had explosive diarrhea was not really the highlight of my homecoming.

My bad mood lasted until I popped up and saw that my favorite blond heiress had been actually assigned jail time for her probation violation. A whole 45 days in a county jail for Paris Hilton. The best part is that their is no way she can get out of it, even with all her millions. Sometimes the justice system makes me proud.

Some-what Awesome Rec of the day: Kate Bosworth ditches the skinny
     Hollywood, like the justice system is making me proud today.
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