May 8th, 2007

ME Miranda

Oh the addictive quality of BSG

 So something really awesome happened to me today. My sister, who always rolls her eyes at my constant BSG babbling, called me out of the blue and told me that she would actually be interested in watching episodes with me. Holy Shit, the apocalypse is upon us! Not only that, but do you know what did it? Kara and Leoben. I had told her stuff about their really frakked up relationship, so she apparently has watched quite a few videos about them on youtube and is now interested. There really is a god, either cylon or whatever.

So, Katie, just for you I present my favorite Kara/Leoben fics and a fan community:

Eleusis (and by my God have I leaped over a wall):a post season 3 fic theorizing about her time in the space between.

Trial by Water: maybe my fav fic. A little hard to get into since in the beginning you are kind of like wtf. But well worth the read. Oh yeah and it inspired the trial_by_water kara/leoben community.

Scattershot: pre-season 3, explains how Leoben found her on New Caprica, also jumps in time a bit to her occupation. If you like smut and a great storyline, this one is awesome.

When he followed her home: little bit dark, kind of crazy Kara, head!leoben and real leoben. Lots of mind frakking going on.

I'm sure there are a lot of other great fics out there but these are the ones I have saved on my computer.

And now the other thing that made my day:
Android Rock
     the music video for which my friend Laura is in. It only completely rocks. And it references Star Trek."Come on Geordi, fix that ship, fix that ship, crunch that data, Data...." simply awesome. I want to be a PR rep one day.sigh. 


*** why is livejournal being crappy. I have edited this thing like 10 times. I had to remove all the links to the authors.