May 13th, 2007

ME Miranda

A Post of Randomness

First off I just posted a totally massive compilation of Kara/Leoben fic at the trial_by_water community. So go check it out if you are of that persuasion (I totally am, lol). 

Begin Randomness:

1.) Why all the Horatio love? Now granted I don't watch CSI Miami all that often but does he really need to be in every issue of tv guide and interviewed by my news station. Maybe I just don't get the David Caruso allure.

2.) Now I totally understand why Julia wanted to get the hell off the island.
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3.) Everyone should be watching Halfway Home. 

4.) Poor Trudy, she still doesn't get that Dangle is gay. Jumping out of that cake and her water breaking was just disturbing. I love how the uber hot fire dept. rolled her down the street naked to the hospital. And AGHHH Dangle being ousted for Garcia. Sad.

5.) I watched Night at the Museum last night. All I can say is that I desperately want Jeb/Octavius slash fic. Of the porn variety prefered.

6.) Fucking around with psychiatric medication is not a good idea. Now I know why I have had crap sleep for the past few days. A part of me just wants to stop taking my meds. They're not doing anything. But going cold turkey is probably not smart either. 

7.) I watched the crappiest movie yesterday. Time After Time with Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen. It involves HG Wells using his time machine to go to the future. He lands up dragging Jack the Ripper with him. Who decided to set this movie in 1970's San Fransisco? I can't believe that a movie about Jack the Ripper was so god awful boring.  

8.) I must stop watching Strangers With Candy. It's rotting my brain.

And finally more icon love. (BSG for a change) pics by dryope