May 14th, 2007

ME Miranda

Kara/Leoben Goodies

Oh WOW!! A whole post dedicated to Kara/Leoben goodies. It's funny, the more Leoben icons I make, the creepier I tend to make him.

pics come from, textures and brushes are not mine (will credit when I go back and find them)
credit and comment if you take any.




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ME Miranda

God I post way too much

I'm bored so I'm posting again. I have forced myself to stop iconing so I can catch up on writing. Here are all the fics I'm currently working on:

1.) Five Times Kara Breaks: 5 scenes from Kara's occupation on New Caprica. It's Kara/Leoben major angst. I'm currently writing the pornish section from the end and working my way backwards. It's definitely interesting to write. I hope to have it out by wed.

2.) Kara/Lee/Zak academy fic: Lee meets Kara for the first time.

3.) Callie introspection piece, post season 3

4.) Kara/Anders: Sam confronts Kara about her attitude after New Caprica

5.) Roslin opera house vision, post season 3

6.) Kara/Helo friendship fic: It's Kara's birthday and she receives a surprising gift from Helo. I need to finish this one like now. I've only been working on it for a month. It's pissing me off.

7.) massive Kara fic, post season 3. Kara/head!leoben and Kara/Lee. 

8.) Five Realities that didn't happen to Kara Thrace: not sure about this one, still have to outline it. 
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ME Miranda

Icon Tutorial

I've only been making icons for three days and now I'm cocky enough to post my own tutorial. It's intended to make red heads look utterly fab. I happen to think it does

PS tut, uses selective coloring

go from this:    to this:  

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