May 28th, 2007

ME Miranda

(no subject)

I have been feeling beyond lazy these past few days. It's sad really because I have a ton of stuff to do but I can't seem to make myself do any of it. 

1.) I have actually written a bunch but it is on paper and not on my computer. Everytime I sit down to type it up I get really apathetic. So hopefully that will change and I will actually be able to post another story soon.

2.) I really want to learn how to use blends so I can make a header for my journal that doesn't look like shit. That would be nice.

3.) I really don't need another fandom to obsess about. But it looks like Supernatural may be added to the list. I'm only on episode 4 of the first season but I can already tell that I'm a little bit in love. 

     ooh and as a side note, i totally screamed when I saw Callum Keith Rennie listed in the beginning credits of episode 2 "Wendigo." Sadly my reaction to his name was more than his actual role in the episode. I was still excited to see him though. 

     Seriously though how do I get a hold of a copy of Due South. My obsession with TV knows no bounds.

4.) What the hell happened to my Lex and Lana show!?

5.) Why does my house smell like fish!?

6.) Why am I prattling on about nothing in this post!?