June 6th, 2007

ME Miranda

Writing help

Does anyone know anything about writing mechanics/grammar? Like how to choose which verb tense to write in, multiple POV's in one piece. I have a story I'm writing which is divided into 5 parts, each could be read separately but they all link together. The climax piece (#3) is written in present tense(?) while I wrote the others in past. I don't know, I just like the way it sounds. Is that wrong grammatically? 

Also what about including different POV's in the same piece. Both are 3rd person but their perspectives are sort of intertwined.

If anyone with any knowledge would be willing to beta this fic, that would be awesome too.  
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ME Miranda

Big 'Ol Fandom Post

So I have been thinking lately about all the fandoms I have loved and shipped over my life. There's a lot.  Here is my list and commentary for all current and past fandoms in order of obsessiveness:

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