June 7th, 2007

ME Miranda

Countdown to PS expiration

I am very sad because my 30 trial of PS CS3 will end in like 2 days and I have been arguing with the people who are supposed to be sending me my copy of PS CS2. So I am on a deadline graphics wise. Who knows when I will get my actual program and continue making icons and such. 

In honor of that (and mostly to inspire my Kara/Leoben writing muse) I bring you tons of icons. Probably my largest batch so far. 

Ooh and be sure to check out my new header. I actually made one for myself that I REALLY!! love. 

7 x Kara
2 x Lee (one is sort of Kara/Lee)
1 x Leoben
9 x Kara/Leoben
1 x Gaius
1 x Six
1 x Cally
1 x Anders/Dualla (not shippy, thank god)

general teaser


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