June 13th, 2007

ME Miranda

Watermelon induced weirdness

First off, no kitten photos yet because I'm lazy and they are on the main computer and not on my laptop. 

Okay, dream weirdness. I ate watermelon and a McDonald's apple pie before bed just to let you know. I didn't dream of bsg but I did dream in scifi colors. I guess I was a student or something and had to go to a Starfleet museum. I didn't want to but we were required to view the vulcan exhibit which was this really huge circular room. In an adjacent circular room was a cafe which was where I went next. There was a bar in the middle and tables and chairs lining the walls of the room. On the floor was a bunch of constellations. As I was walking the room I knew that there was going to be some kind of terrorist attack. I ducked under a table and from out of nowhere comes Lando from Babylon 5 saying something about taking over the museum or something.

Other weird things from my dream included a tiny version of Picard from Star trek: Next Gen. His head was an android but his body was holographic. At one time his holographic body failed and it was just his head on the ground. Data was there laughing because Picard didn't want to admit his body was missing. Then Data grabbed Picard's head between his thumb and index and carted him off to engineering.

So yeah, I'm getting closer but still no real luck.