June 16th, 2007

ME Miranda

Um....kids....and um....motherhood.

No I am not pregnant. But for purely fic reasons, I was wondering if all the mothers out there (or parents in general I guess) would be willing to post their feelings on the following questions. Let me backtrack and tell you why I need this. I am STILL writing "Five Times Kara Breaks" and the last vignette deals with Kara and Kacey. I want to be able to write some of Kara's feelings toward motherhood, especially when she was accepting that Kacey was really her daughter (right before having that ripped away from  her...hence the break) .

What does it feel like to look upon your own child? Physically, emotionally?

How does your feelings of protectiveness play into being a mother?

I am crappy at this, since those are the only 2 questions I could come up with. I would ask my mother but I'm afraid she would start blubbering on me, lol. She gets very nostalgic for our baby days. 

Any other meta on Kara and Kacey would also be very much appreciated. Thanks.