June 18th, 2007

ME Miranda


I seem to be apologizing a lot lately because I've been feeling under the weather and kitties have dominated my attention. But hey I actually got some fic reading done last night and a whole 5 min. of writing (only to come up with yet another story idead, lol)

But....I am enjoying the hell out of doing the Tigh!spam. It will be wicked scary. seriously. I'm pimping my abilities as a spammer so I will ultimately be crushed when you tell me how much it sucks. lol. I have another hour before I have to leave and do kitty stuff but i will be back later tonight to work on it. And I will stay up till it's finished. I feel bad but I've turned Kara into a little slut, shame on me. But seriously blame tigh, he did it, not me. 

***you heard right, horny...tigh's tight thighs are at it again. LOL jk.

ooh and a quick note to jcathm: thank you so much for the Kara/lee inspired music. I am enjoying VAST very much.