June 21st, 2007

ME Miranda

Request of my flist

Hello flist, A quick word here from Lunar. NEVER EVER tell me how to go about vidding. I kid you not, I do not need another online creative outlet. I already have iconing, fic, and now picspams. They suck your soul out. They really do  :)

I was in the car the other day and listening to "My Hero" by the Foo Fighters and all of a sudden I was thinking about all the scenes I would use if I were to make a fan video of bsg with this song. It ate my brain I think.  (In fact I'm listening to this song again...and Lee would totally be my hero)

So the moral of this post is...how does one start to fanvid?  lol. And also what made you want to start in the first place? 

gratuitous Kara/Lee shot for the ladies out there (I'm posting these till I've been forgiven by my flist)

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ME Miranda

Squeal Like a Pig Fangirl

WTF flist....namely spinkkitty. I should make this more clear but I am going spoiler free for season 4. So I will not be reading anything before or during the show so that I may watch it in all its glory.

That aside, the one thing spink spoiled was of such awesomness that I could not contain the fangirl squee inside me. This was practically scream worthy, which is kind of what I did (my dad of course understands my constant flailing and even knows that whenever this affliction occurs it is 99% of the time about bsg). 

I am seriously still smiling. But I'm going to be a bitch and not say what that spoiler was so that my other spoil free friends will not be tempted. My icon will not even give it away. lol

Edit: no it wasn't what was posted at sasa_hq.  But that did make me very happy as well.
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