June 23rd, 2007

ME Miranda

Hello lovely flist

So you all know that I have been having a really crummy week which didn't get any better today (but I did get to chat to people which was fun). I would love it if you all could help in making me feel a little better and make yourselves feel better too. With those words I am shamelessly stealing this from kristiinthedark(who, don't worry I am actually writing one for). (she likewise stole this from misspamela)

Comment to this post with an offer to write in any fandom that you or I have in common. I will answer with a prompt. Then, you will write me comment-fic, snippets, or whatever comes to mind. Now go post this in your own journal and demand fic of your very own! Make your flist work! You had a long week and you DESERVE it, dammit!

*And none of this BS from non-writers or newbies about having nothing to offer. Repeat to yourselves: I am a good person. I deserve the fiction of my choice. Gosh darn it, people like me. I shall reap the benefits of fandom.

And if you post this at your own journal, I will also write you fic. It's really just been one of those weeks. 

Random Leoben drabbles coming up in next post.

OOH and go see Leespressions by alissabobissa: Lee likes to be cute and make faces.
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