June 24th, 2007

ME Miranda

Kara/Leoben Drabbles

I wrote some small drabbles centered around Kara and Leoben. They have been in my notebook for a while and I finally just said "to hell with it" and took the time to type them up. One is perhaps the closest you will ever see me get to baby fic, lol. The other is the second in my "Five Times Kara Breaks" series.  I landed up cutting up the series and will be posting each part separately as I write them. There is no part one written yet.

Children Are Forever
Kara/Leoben PG
set post-maelstrom

Cylon perfection
Kara, Leoben PG
set between season 2 and 3

Collapse )

My next 2 story posts will feature actual porny bits, written by me of all people. I am really excited about these so hopefully they turn out good. One of them is part 3 of my Five Times Kara Breaks series and the other is the request drabble for kristiinthedark. Both are kara/leoben as well.

I am also working on 2 fairly crackish drabbles for alissabobissa and spinkkitty. Those should be up by monday. Thanks for reading.