June 30th, 2007

ME Miranda

Rejoice for PS

Yay! So I now have photoshop again and will be getting back into the graphics stuff. I already know I have a ton of icons to make: Thight, Tight, The Stack, Grrr..., LL Cool A, etc. 

But since it has been forever I am also now taking graphics requests for icons, banners, headers, etc. Just let me know if you'd like one and what you would like on it: any specific quotes, pairings, pics, scenes, overall look, etc.

These are some of the headers I have already made:

T.S. Eliot river
Whatever it Takes
Pilots in Lights
Starbuck's Darkest Moments
Kara/Lee Delicous Torment
BSG Crack
Kara/Lee Home pt1 in Pink
Kara/Lee Unfinished Business

Kara/Leoben - my current header