November 26th, 2007

ME Miranda

Writing, Knitting and Dexter

 wooh, so I signed up for the bsg_hiatusthon. One of the prompts is very similar to a Cally introspection piece that I have wanted to write since May so I'm just going to adapt my original story idea for the prompt. I also of course had to choose the Leoben prompt. Next time they ask for prompts I am so going to be spamming them with Leoben.  

On the knitting front I finally finished spinkkitty's knitted gift and I'm halfway through a very cool Harry Potter scarf. I'm also halfway through a pair of wrist warmers (halfway being that I've finished fact I'm wearing my one wrist warmer because it's so freaking cold here, and yes 56 degrees is practically freezing in San Diego). I'll post pics tommorow.

OH HOLY FUCK DID ANYONE WATCH DEXTER? Crazy shit. I'm reeling and really itching to write some sort of followup before next weeks episode. If anyone watches I would love to discuss.