March 2nd, 2008

ME Miranda

Scott Bakula is love

For the next month I am dedicating myself to Star Trek Enterprise. After years of bashing the show I finally sat down and watched the thing (like every good star trek fan should really do) and found out that I absolutely LOVE it. All the characters are interesting and the episodes, especially the Xindi arc are some of the best ever. 

I don't really care who else is paying attention so I'm probably just going to do this for me. Expect picspams of my favorite characters (the hot blueness of Shran), fanfic even (if I get around to writing some, lol). That way, come April, I can devote myself fully to bsg.

I'm even going to make myself an Enterprise jacket to wear to Dragon-Con. One that kind of looks like the top of the uniform jumpsuit. I'll put the patches on the sides of the arms and see if I can get a dressmaker/tailor to add some yellow piping. I've even got the Captain's rank pips to put on there too. I'm excited, to say the least.

from Memory alpha