March 9th, 2008

ME Miranda

hmm...what happened to Enterprise month

I think I have just found the secret to securing a Battlestar Galactica dream. 

Pre-Dream Regimen: Olive Garden (I had my last and only memorable bsg dream after going there), full glass of wine and don't watch any bsg. In this case I specifically just read Hoshi/Reed Enterprise fic and watched The Last Mimzy on tv.

Dream: I can't really plot this one out coherently so I'll just tell you guys in snippets. Kara is back from the dead, it's not set on galactica but some dark building on some planet, there are people who are diving in little spherical submersibles. She's walking through the dark halls of the complex, and it seems like she lives there cuz she knows where she's going and people know her as well. She's either following Leoben around where she just catches his movements around corners or he's doing that to her. I know that they have sex but I was unfortunately not privy to any of that. And then the dream hits a really bizarre angle. Leoben and Kara and this other couple cross a football field to a shed with a sleigh bed in it. It kind of looks christmasy, but it's really like 2 twin beds. So Kara is snuggling up tight with this redheaded woman in one bed and I swear to god that Leoben was doing the same with Desi Arnaz. Desi was also, of course, in black and white.

So YAY!! BSG dream. But with it being Enterprise month I have no clue how to get one of those dreams. I guess I'll have to do something else. :)