March 10th, 2008

ME Miranda

Enterprise Month Day 10

So for today's Enterpise entry I have pulled together a few stories for your reading enjoyment. I have to say that I think my ENT OTP is definitely Hoshi/Malcolm. I'll probably post different pairings another day.

First off, the majority of these stories are archived at Warp Five Complex. Go check it out .

HoshiCure by Roadstergal - Hoshi goes to sickbay for a cure for her tension and is surpsised at Phlox's medical advice.

Ensemble: Easy Target  by Kathy Rose - Hoshi gets mad at trip and Malcolm and plans her devilish revenge. Very funny stories I have to say.

Hoshi, Malcolm: Malcolm's Past by Kathy Rose - Hoshi gets curious abot Malcolm's mysterious past

Hoshi/Malcolm: Tracked by Kathy Rose - watergun fun and Malcolm hunts down Hoshi through the ship, 

Hoshi/Malcolm/Trip: Bottoms Up by Kathy Rose - This is the story responsible for my enterprise OT3.

and a special one for my Dr. Who-ers

ENT/Dr. Whoc crossover: The Accidental Tourist by squeelated- Yay for nifty crossovers. 

Comment me and tell me your favorite Enterprise stories.