April 6th, 2008

ME Miranda

Floating in the Deep

Umm...what the fuck happened to me. I watch the new episode then try to go to bed and then all of a sudden I'm inspired to write Kara/Lee fic. For those that know me I've been kind of hardcore Kara/Leoben for a while and not all that into Kara/Lee anymore. But yeah this came out of nowhere. I blame cheesecake. I just had to go downstairs for a slice and then that's when Kara's lines invaded my brain and apparently Lee had to bear witness.  So yeah I bring you a little ficlet.

**I had to have lint138give me a Kara/Lee icon because I had none. Very sad on my part.
Title: Floating in the Deep
Author: lunar47
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kara/Lee with hints of Leoben cuz I can’t write without him
Authors Note: takes place somewhere around Torn but not after
Summary: Lee finds Kara adrift in her own sea of pain
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