April 11th, 2008

ME Miranda

Random thoughts on writing

1.) I think I have found a new limit in writing. I will not write Roslin porn. I tried, I honestly tried. But I failed miserably. lol. I wasn't even writing Adama/Roslin. For that pairing I will not write more than smiles, hugs and chaste kisses.

2.) Putting Kara/Lee/Leoben in a summary on ff.net apparently gets more hits than Kara/lee. go figure. I don't write slash but this was the closest I could come. 

3.) For the first time I'm having a lot of trouble writing Kara/leoben. What happened to me :(

4.) I am only now just getting comfortable with my own writing voice. Before I would get jealous of the way other people write. I write a certain way and I have to just work with it. 

um...that's all I can think of right now.

Drabbles tommorow. In the meantime please go read Alissa's Billy/Kara fic. It's beyond hilarious. ok so maybe it's not really all that shippy but it does have cute Billy/Kara interaction and drunkeness. And linty's Hotdog fic. Another fine example of the funnies. 

ETA: YAY!!!!!!! I finally have the bulk of my remix fic done. I can stop hitting my head against the wall (It was starting to dent anyways). Now I just have to keep fleshing it out.