April 24th, 2008

ME Miranda

Ramblings of An Absurd Mind aka CRACK PICSPAM TIME!!!!!!!!!

 This is about the most cracktastic thing I have ever done. It was a result of the usually odd conversations I have with 

spinkkitty. Just to let you know I harbor no ill will toward any of the characters represented within. I love them all... just not equally. Also, this is what happens when one has too much time on one's hand and they like to peruse google images. 

spoilers through 4.03 The Ties That Bind

Hope you enjoy

Collapse )
BJR pixel rose*

Love Me, Love Me, Love Me

 I haven't had too stressful a week but my Human vs Cylon crack picspam definitely about killed me. (link here because it may be way down your list)

So if you want to say something nice about me, wisteriais hosting The Secret Snap cup. You can go and say nice things about me here.

Oh and do this in your own journal so I can go and say nice things about you too. Instructions are in the link.
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