April 27th, 2008

ME Miranda

To Write or not to Write

I've been debating over my stance on the whole Kara/Leoben shipping and daybreak777makes some very good points in her Squee or Squick meta. I pretty much concure with her that in reality (show wise) it would be a very bad thing for Kara to end up with him. It would destroy what we know of her character. I as well would love to see Kara use him to find her way to Earth. For her to be in the position of power over him. I don't know. I suppose we will wait and see.  I wonder what would happen if they were ever on equal footing....hmmm, maybe that's where they're heading. Anyways, who knows. 

But on to my actual point. I have 10 AU Earth ficlet ideas outlined all in the same setting. They would be about the most Kara/leoben shippy and domestic I have ever written. With angst of course. Bsg would not be bsg without the angst. They do bring in all the crew and multiple POV's (Adama, Lee, kara, Leoben, etc.).

Um...would anyone actually be interested in reading them? 

So yeah. I'll probably write them, at least for myself. But I don't want to look like a fool when I post them 

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