May 1st, 2008

ME Miranda


Has anyone been watching the show Carrier on PBS. It's awesome to say the least. It almost makes me want to join the Navy. Both my parents had careers in the Navy; my mom as a nurse and my dad as the Chief Engineer on a couple of different destroyer class ships. She worked at the Naval hospitals in the US while he did 6 month deployments at sea. I was by no means a Navy brat (can you even be one, or is that restricted to Army kids). I didn't get to travel nor was I born on other continents, too bad. 

But the show is an honest look at what life is like on an aircraft carrier (in specific, the USS Nimitz...which launched from my city, San Diego, yay!!). Being a pilot has got to be the coolest job. I could watch those planes take off and land all day. I do have to say that I would so want to be one of those people on the flight deck. It's a dance they do on that deck and it's pretty amazing. I think they have always been awesome in my eyes since the first time I saw Top Gun. I remember that I didn't want to be a pilot after watching that movie, I wanted to be the girl directing those planes. 

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so moral of the story...Watch the damn show. It's cool. And you'll learn where a lot of BSG came from.

 ETA: I almost forgot to say that I got my bsg dog tags today and they look beyond amazing!!! I'll post pics when I find my camera. HEEEEEEEE!!!
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