May 8th, 2008

ME Miranda

Do You Like to Dance? aka Yay for Contra Dancing!!

I was just wondering if there were people out there who liked to dance. I am generally a very uncoordinated person and thus don't really like to dance.

Except that I LOVE to contra dance. The one form of dance that I actually have fun doing. Probably because the steps are repetitive and you dance with a ton of other people in a community. Does anyone else out there contra dance? I actually looked up how many people on lj list it as an interest and there were 10 pages of people. I was pleased.

In a contra dance you have 2 long lines of dancers with your partner being across from you. The cool thing is that you get to dance with pretty much everyone, not just the partner you chose. You repeat the same dance sequence over and over each time moving one pair over until you reach the top of the line. The music is fun, kind of country, lots of fiddle and banjo.

The dancing is like country/square dancing (not really line dancing). If you imagine the dancing in all those Jane Austen movies except a lot less formal, it kind of looks like that.

At a dance you also get to waltz (I had never actually waltzed before this), schottisches (don't ever ask me to dance this one again, I look retarded while doing it, lots of hops which are not good for the clutzy girl in me) and polkas.

I unfortunately don't have pics of me dancing but I have some from youtube videos cuz you may be like "What the fuck is she talking about?"

ooh, it's almost like the dance in Unfinished Business, not that dance, but the one at the party. 

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So yeah, now you probably think I'm a dork. And it's not just for old people. I am youngish and people my age should dance this stuff too. So look up your local chapter, so to speak (this page might help) and give it a try. 

ME Miranda

Repost from old blog...and don't you dare google me to read the rest

So, anyone out there want to read a kind of frakked up outline for a Harry Potter fic I wrote in 2004. This was back when I didn't write fanfic and it's so horribly Mary Sued and weird. I don't know. Congrats if you make it all the way through.

LOL, actually I'll just post the whole entry and hope that you won't mind my weird admission at the beginning  ; )

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ME Miranda

Prompt 12: Celebration, New Caprica Style

 Okay, so I'm working on everyone's prompts so just sit tight, I'll get through all of them. It is my mission :) But I will probably be doing them out of order. lol

Title: Celebration, New Caprica Style
Pairing: Kara/Leoben
Rating: PG-13
A/N: For bookwormsarah  
Original Prompt: I'd like to see a bit of a festival or celebration during Kara's incarceration on New Caprica...
Summary: Happy Birthday Kara!!

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