May 19th, 2008

ME Miranda

New Caprica Pony Express

 Oh the love for silly memes. Snagged from alissabobissa, super_kc, and cynthia_arrow.

Dear Starbuck,
I’m writing to tell you that I’ve formed my own cult because I’m unable to forgive you for that night on New Caprica. I hope you can accept that my secret chamalla addiction is what makes me so attracted to you. If you could return my cylon detector I’d really appreciate it and in return I promise to let you do that thing again, you know, that thing we did on New Caprica, though it won’t be easy if you announce it to the press. If anyone suspects I’m sure Doc Cottle can lend a hand.
Warmest cylon wishes,

damn, even in meme form I can't write non creepy Kara/leoben, lol.

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