June 20th, 2008

BJR Bull*

I'm in Pain and no shit it sucks

So for the 3rd year in a row I have a kidney stone. It's weird because they have all occured around this time of the year. Pain from a kidney stone tends to come on very sharp and very suddenly. I was at my friend's concert at the Del Mar Fair when it happened and I landed up having to leave early. I was able to take just motrin and fall asleep but at 6:00 this morning the pain was still there. I had to call in sick to work which really sucks since I was only working so this one girl could have the day off.  Another suck thing is that I'll probably be missing the Deathcab for Cutie concert I really wanted to go to tonight.

So now I'm in a bit of a vicodin haze. It definitely makes dealing with the opressive heat here a little easier when your mind is kind of not all there. Hopefully this resolves soon so I can go back to work tommorow.
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