June 23rd, 2008

ME Miranda

Love Post #1...finally starting to crank these out

This one is dedicated to my lovely Laura aka sandwich_armada who was having a particularly hard week.


There are so many reasons why I love Laura...actually why am I talking to you as if you are not reading this. Anyways, hello Laura :) 

You have been my best friend since grade school (elementary school perhaps). Did we meet in girl scouts or was it before then? Bad me huh for not remembering, lol. I think about all the things we did back then: campouts, smores, grilled cheese, selling girl scout cookies by yelling loud made up songs to strangers who inevitably hated us and didn't buy anything, SNOW CAMP!!! I remember falling on my ass and you skiing on by like you were awesome or something. "Oh yeah, Laura, let's drag poor Ariel down the blue runs."  

Middle school chemistry launched our connected craziness to a whole new level. The Logic Book was born. We were the apostles of the suspended animation dog and the L.B was our bible. The shit that went down in that book was legendary. I need to make copies so you can keep one for posterity.

Girls scouts and school were primarily what kept us connected. But in high school we drifted apart. And that was normal and to be expected. We both were developing different interests and had differerent expectations of life. But that didn't stop us from having fun when we did get together. Best memories had to be Science Olympiad. Do you remember that stupid fluffy lime green cell phone case. I pretended to walk down a fake runway carrying it and singing techno music. I'm laughing just thinking about it. Competitions were awesome. You rocked the rocks girl. I stood by and watched you work your mojo on the quartz and malachite. OMG remember when you secretly licked the halite to see if it was salty. I don' think you were meant to do that. We probably would have been disqualified, lol. 

College was really where we separated. You stayed in San Diego. I went to Cal Poly. Long distance friendships are difficult to keep intact. But we did try our best. I know we had our rough patches but I'm glad that we were able to work them out.

Since I've been home I can't even tell you how thankful I am that you are back in my life on a consistent basis (just so you know I'm tearing up about now, I'll try not to outright cry before the end.) I have so few connections in this world that it makes the ones I do have even more meaningful. I need a support system and I definitely lump you in that important group. Our friendship is even stronger now than it has ever been before. 

So to wrap it up Laura, I love you. You make me smile and laugh. I love how we both enjoy the same humor, the way our speech just seems to naturally gel with each other. It is so due to the fact that we share half a brain. That was seriously the best discovery we ever made. 

I hope this made your day :) I had fun being all nostalgic