July 1st, 2008

ME Miranda

Star Trek Month Day 1

Hah! I made the deadline by 2 minutes.

For this first entry I'm just going to outline some of the Star trek related things I'll be working on this month. News about the closing of Star Trek The Experience in Vegas has bummed me out. Good thing I went back in March and had an enjoyable time...even if the vulcan chick scared me (the tall klingon ain't got nothing on her).

- 25 more Jeffrey Combs character Icons So done!!
- 85 more icons for DS9 Improbable Cause/The Die is Cast for episodic100  

Mood Theme
- I am so tackling a general Trek mood theme. To encompass all series and movies. Am I insane...probably

- Star Trek The Tour picspam: It was awesome!!! Saw it in Long Beach.
- My Love for Star Trek in Picture Form. aka how much memorabilia/shit I own
- anything else I'm amused by

- The History of My Love for Star trek
- Why the Hell does Riker Yell at People so Damn Much? cuz seriously he does and it's generally pretty funny to watch.
- How I Learned to love Enterprise. It's not bad. Seriously it's not.
- Random episode reviews or things I find interesting
- Favorite episodes/characters
- uh...I'll think of more things to talk about

- I'm currently writing my first mostly action/plot non-introspective story. that's a big step for me. It's Star trek New Frontier so hopefully someone will find it interesting
- The story I seriously want to finish is a Hoshi/Malcolm story set during the first episode of season 4. It's haunting me, in a good way.
- and I'll try to read some stuff out there to make some recommendations.

If anyone is interested in submitting anything for Star Trek Month that would be beyond awesome. If any of this inspires you let me know :)