July 3rd, 2008

ME Miranda

Star Trek Month Day 2...only a day late ;)

Things to ponder for the day

1.) Worf combing his long 80's style permed hair 
2.) Locke is still messing around with crazy shit in the 24th century (Pegasus)
3.)  "If there's nothing wrong with me, there must be something wrong with the universe" - Dr. Crusher (Remember Me). Truer words were never spoken.
4.) Acting Captain Data is really hot. (Gambit)
5.) Just like Riker randomly likes to yell at people, Worf cannot obey an order without telling the Captain how utterly defensless they would be. And every time the Captain says to do it anyways. Kind of pointless, Worf.
6.) Data wears guyliner. How did I not know this?
7.) I want cellular peptide cake with mint frosting served at my wedding. But I may not get my bridge experience considering the whole banishing of Star Trek from the Hilton

StarTrek related things I did today:

1.) Jeffrey Combs icons, obviously  Totally finished. I feel so accomplished
2.) Marathon TNG season 4 and 7. Wanted to finish watching Times Arrow but my season 6 disc one is missing which makes me really sad. Full on manhunt for said disc will commence shortly

Feel Free to Ponder With Me

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ME Miranda

Star Trek Day 3: Star Trek The Tour Picspam

So a while back I went to Star Trek the Tour in Long Beach, CA. A nice little drive from San Diego. I wasn't sure what to expect since the star trek website didn't have many pics and the floor plan and descripions were kind of confusing. I was definitely surprised though I got to see a bunch of props I've never seen before. 

So here I bring you a picspam of my experience. It's image intensive just so you know.

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