July 6th, 2008

ME Miranda

Star Trek Month Day 5...ramble, ramble

Another random thought post since I went to see Wall-E. I damn near cried in that movie. What the hell is happening to my emotional center? 


1.)So I'm watching "Who Watches the Watchers" and the same rock structure appears in so many movies/tv shows it's crazy. I have this image in my mind right now of the tribe of proto-vulcans (Riker and Troi included) walking around the mountain and coming face to face with Buffy, the First Slayer, and the whole cast of Roswell. Oh the crack potential of that. I am so putting that in my prompt file.

2.) just finished "Evolution." I forgot that Dr. Crusher had a bob like hairstyle. Oh and Wesley totally just bitch slapped his mom for abandoning him on the Enterprise while she was doing whatever she was doing in season 2. And to round it out Dr. Kelso is still an ass in the 24th century.

3.) Also watched "Journey's End"  last night. Now, see here, I like Wesley Crusher. In fact I like him a lot and enjoy watching his episodes. This one is probably my favorite. Wesley grows up and finds his path in life; something which I have not done yet, lol. Question though, not Wesley related: So the Native Americans (since I guess it's not pc to say Indians, which is funny to hear them say in the episode, and actual Indians would be from India...mmm Indian food) choose to part with the Federation and become liable under Cardassian Law. Why? Seriously why? The Cardassians just got done occupying and terrorizing Bajor for the last 50 years. And why would that be better than living under the protection of the Federation? Also, what happened when the Dominion came swooping in? I'm not so sure I want to know.

4.) Had a dream last night about my cat turning into Spot's lizard form from Genesis. I shunned it till I had to give it up to the authorities or someone. Only then did I realize that it just wanted to be pet and loved. poor kitty lizard.

I might do an episode commentary for day 6 since so many of my thoughts are stemming from actual episode viewage.