July 9th, 2008

ST os pointless enterprise shot

Star Trek Month Day 8: Updates


oooh like my banner for today? I think it might just be my prettiest yet. Here's the original if you want to check out my photoshop skills, lol.

For today I'm just going to update what I've been doing lately.

1.) Working on the Star Trek Mood Theme. It's my goal to include all incarnations of trek. So all the shows and movies and even the animated series will show up. If you guys have any images or scenes you would love to see just let me know.

2.) Still have 80 something icons to complete before July 25. I really just have to sit down and get some out. I keep getting distracted. I finished reading my book, The Nature of Monsters by Clare Clark. I highly recommend it if you like historical fiction. Just started reading A Canticle for Leibowitz. Still have to finish The 2nd DS9 Mission Gamma book. I think I have 30 pages to finish. Anybody read those New Frontier novels? I used to but I haven't read the more recent ones.

3.) Search and rescue parties have yet to find my TNG season 6 disc 1. I'm really sad now.

4.) Need to finish DS9 marathon

5.) Start watching Original Series episodes. They are on the CBS website which makes it easy for me. Or I could just dvr the 6am showings on tv land or whatever that channel is.

and that's it for now. I have a photoshop project for school I have to work on tommorow (or I guess it's today now) so day 9 will be short as well. maybe an episode commentary.

OOH and if there is anything you would like to see me do during Star trek Month feel free to let me know. I'm going to run out of ideas soon :)