July 11th, 2008

ST tng Data Spot and Worf

Star Trek Month Day 9...only 2 days late :)


So sorry that Day 9 is 2 days late. Life got in the way unfortunately. So for that day I landed up watching a bunch of TNG episodes while doing my photoshop homework and I thought it would be cool to write a few comments. This is a brief episode commentary picspam. Picspam only because I read through what I wrote and realized that unless you have a very good knowledge of the episodes or have just watched them recently you probably wouldn't understand it. Oh yeah, and since I was busy I didn't do a whole episode commentary so some episodes have just a few points.

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ME Miranda

Star Trek Month Day 10


My Star trek ships...and I'm not talking about the Enterprise
I don’t actually have many Star Trek ships. Well I should say, ships I’m really committed to. Maybe it’s just not that kind of show for me. For reference of my crazy shipping ways see all my Battlestar Galactica stuff. Apparently I’ve been told that I’m a fringe shipper (thanks alissabobissa)
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