July 12th, 2008

ME Miranda

Love Post #2 akamine_chan

 This is dedicated to the lovely akamine_chan

We haven’t been friends for very long but I definitely love having you on my flist. You are a nice person and have supported me through my recent life crappiness.
I think our strongest connection though is without a doubt our mutual love for Callum Keith Rennie and our fascination with the creepy sexy relationship between Kara and Leoben.
I love that you moderate the c6d_weeklycommunity. It condenses all the Callum fixes I need in one handy post. I’m also so glad that you write for the bsg fandom. One of my favorite series is Fear/Hope/Home.
I hope we definitely continue our friendship. Btw, random, but I saw that you have yahoo im. So do I. Maybe we can chat one of these days (I'm lunar_47) 
ME Miranda

Love post #3

 This is for sunny_serenity

SUNNY!!!!!!!!!!! Where would I be without your wacky, wacky ways. I always look forward to your abundant exclamation points of love. I love that we can talk bsg. It’s awesome. I adore your devotion to Adama/Roslin. It is inspiring.
On a more serious note. Thank you for being there and supporting me through the hard times. Your comments mean a lot to me. I’m glad you’re on my flist.