July 15th, 2008

ME Miranda

Star Trek Month Day 14


I haven't been feeling well these past couple of days and I actually landed up falling asleep at 8pm or something. All I did yestereday was watch some episodes. Pulaski getting old which amused me and Data winning the right to choose. What an asshole that guy is for wanting to strip Data down to his wires. Sheesh. Anyways day 15 will be better.
ME Miranda

I'm Depressed and I need Callum fans to help me

Okay, 3 things are really distressing me right now.

1.) I randomly looked at my youtube favorites and found that one of my favorite videos is gone thanks to that ever lovely "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation." Anyways does anyone out there know where I can find  a CKR vid done to the song Blue Orchid by The White Stripes. I would love you forever <3

2.) Just noticed that my ckr tag is only marginally bigger than my columbo tag. WTF!!! It's frakking Columbo. That is so sad I want to cry. I'm making it my mission to increase the size of my ckr tag starting with this post. 

3.) I'm sick

So I made myself a pretty picspam to look at. I don't care if the picture sizes don't line up or if these are images we've all seen a thousand times. I need it. So here we go.
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