July 23rd, 2008

ME Miranda

Fangirling...even at 4am

So I had a great night geeking out over Dark Knight...yet again. 2nd watch really made me appreciate Harvey Dent even more. I really want an "I believe in Harvey Dent" pin or something. Awesome conversation with Laura (sandwich_armada ) and her bandmates about the movie and ending in a ridiculous string of "The Dark Knight is like..." one liners. I would post them but they're probably only funny in the moment. 

side note: I'm totally fucking going to the Star trek Convention in Vegas. And it happened completely by chance. I already knew I was going to Vegas with friends but the dates weren't set yet. We were going to bid farewell to our beloved Experience. Well last night Laura told me that we were going Aug 6-9. Those dates seemed vaguely familiar...hmmm. I had wanted to go to the convention but knew that I wouldn't really have money considering i was also going to dragon-con and comic con. But lucky us, oh blessed Star Trek fans, we will be there at the same time as the convention. So I will be going at least one day and I spent the big bucks to attend the thursday dinner at the Experience. Oh sheer Star Trekkie bliss. 

Did I mention that Laura is the most awesomest person in the world. Cuz she is. friend her, she's amazing :)

3am geekery; Got home from theaters at 2am. Am bored and not tired. pensive1mentioned in her pm to me something about wearing sombreros to the convention to celebrate Sombreroprise. I was mystified and intrigued by this mostly because I had no idea what this meant. Bad fangirl me!!  I did my research (read half of the 75 trekbbs pages on the topic) and am now in the know. Now where the hell can I find a sombrero. Me wants to wear one in pride. 

proposed noon geekery: has yet to happen but it will. Picking up own_the_skyfrom the airport then getting lunch and doing Star Trek The Exhibition in Balboa Park. 

Then Comic Con for the rest of the week. I think I'm just having a really great summer :)
It's 4:44 am and I think I should get some sleep huh.