August 1st, 2008

DW Rose/Nine

To all Dr. Who lovers on my flist

I hate you. I really, really hate you. You make me watch season 1 and I get deppressed. You make me watch season 2 and now I'm literally sobbing by the end of it all. aghhh sobbing. Shit I need to watch season 4 now. (I've seen season 3)

Fuck I'm still sobbing. Just to reiterate I hate you all.
ME Miranda

Batman Begins and Dark Knight Mood Theme

 So what does a girl do when she is obsessed with The Dark Knight? Stay up all night to make a mood theme of course. That's an entire mood theme in one night btw. And now I'm super exhausted.  So each movie has about half the moods. Lots of Joker and Bruce Wayne in there. I was actually surprised by how many Joker moods I could squeeze in there.

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Full Preview

Instructions on how to upload it to your lj

Please comment and credit (lunar47) if you take :)  If there are any problems or if it needs to be reuploaded just let me know. Hope you enjoy.