August 2nd, 2008

BJR Bull*

An Apology of Sorts and Dark Knight stuff

 Just wanted to say sorry to some of my newer friends. I probably haven't responded to any of your posts. I put all my friends into a custom group and I just realized that some of you mysteriously never made it into that group. It's all remedied now so yay! :)

Random note: My birthday is monday and I am trying my damndest to have a full on Batman birthday party. Albertsons is not making it easy. No batman cake to be found. 4 different spiderman cakes but no batman. I have to go search for party favors tommorow. My friend is going to make me a cake. A joker related cake if all goes well. If she has to put a pic of him in ceran wrap and tack it to the cake she will. Thus is our devotion to this movie. Oh yes and of course Jen and I will be going for the 6th time. We live for these small pleasures. I will take tons of random pics of our pathetic attempts for the whole world to see.