August 13th, 2008

ME Miranda

Let's Use Our Bat Ropes Robin


Saw The Dark knight for the 7th time. Still good but I find that my attention wanders during certain parts.  I seriously still live for that middle action sequence; from when Harvey gets into the armored car to just after the interrogation scene. Oh god so awesome. My friend Jen has been trying to slip Joker lines into casual conversation. It surprisingly works.

I am becoming severely disillusioned by lj Batman fandom. Most of it is sadly crap. Maybe I’m just spoiled by bsg where the writers are usually amazing and very talented. Excellent Batman stories are hard to find. Also hard to find are non-slash fic. There has to be some out there.  I have the upmost respect for the writers/readers of slash but I need some fic to read too. Slash stories are dominating the comms. The art (icons/drawings, etc.) is actually good.  But there are only so many good pics of the dark Knight out there so there is a lot of repetition.

As a result of the above I’ve been branching out into other avenues of Batman. I’m reading graphic novels and comics. So far I’ve read The Killing Joke,  Arkham Asylum and  Mad Love (one of my favorites). Currently I’m on the Long Halloween.

I’ve also been watching more Batman. I still love Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns. It’s one of those childhood ingrained things. I’m even fond of Jack Nicholson’s Joker. The scene where he’s dancing to Prince as he destroys priceless art cracks me up every time. Also watching the animated series which is another show I saw as a kid. Oh Mistah J. *sigh*.  I’m practically Harley when it comes to TAS Joker.  Mark Hamill is utterly insane and awesome.  His Joker might win out over Heath’s in my heart. I don’t know yet. This morning I caught an episode of the 1966 series with Adam West. Why have I never seen this before? It is BEYOND awesome!!  (“We’ll leave secretly through that window with our bat ropes” BAT ROPES!!  Seriously?) Why watch Batman parodies when you can watch this show. I will definitely be watching more.    

I’m eating a Batman fruit roll up. It has the joker card, two face coin and Alfred’s saying “You can be the Outcast” on it. I’m also listening to Billy Idol’s rebel yell which pleases me J

And that’s it for now.