November 4th, 2008

ME Miranda

Still Frickin Tense

Below are my personal political views which from reading other people's lj posts may be far different than yours. Just wanted to let you know

I'm really glad that the presidential race has been decided and that Obama won. It was interesting to see it's polarizing effect among my flist.
But all the important stuff for my state has yet to be anounced and I'm tense because so far it's not going my way. Prop 8 is probably the biggest since it would ban same sex marriage. I didn't realize I lived in such a conservative neighborhood until this election. Nearly every house had a yes on 8 sign. I wish I had got a no on 8 sign while I had the chance. At this time the yes side is winning but only 26% of precincts reporting. Prop 4 is also big in my state. It deals with notifying parents if their daughter wants an abortion and delays the descision for 48 hours. So far it's too close to call. I voted no which leaves the law as is (doctors do not notify the parents). Prop 1A (I believe) increases taxes to provide better fire equipment for firefighters and to increase fire protection. We definitely need it but it is 3% away from passing. Oh and the ban on alcohol on beaches is passing with large numbers. So yay.

There is something about this election which pissed me off. They called Obama's win when people were still votiong in my state. When people found out over half left the line figuring they didn't need to vote. THEY NEEDED TO VOTE!!!!! If not for the president then for all the local stuff. People, come on!!
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