November 9th, 2008

BJR Bull*

Lunie Sad :(

I'm feeling kind of mopey. And sappy. Sappy because I happen to be watching Love Comes Softly and Love's Enduring Promise on tv. That series always me feel kind of gooey inside but in a good way. Anyways I'm mopey because I can't really change my lj layout even though I really want to. I have always made my own headers so it's weird now that I can't. I gave away my computer which has photoshop on it. Now I want a Harry Potter header and I'm shit out of luck. I've looked but there aren't many out there. And I still owe people headers which makes me feel kind of guilty that I haven't done them yet. Eventually PS might make it's way on to my new computer but I don't know when that will be.

I'm still doing my reread and I'm thinking of starting a few discussion posts on topics that interest me as I go along. So feel free to join in.

For now I'm going to go back to watching my movie and knitting my Slytherin Snake Scarf.
ME Miranda

Knitting round up

You know how some people are doing the whole national novel writing month. Well I think I'm going to do it for knitting. Although if you equate words to knits I'll be knitting like 5 scarves or something. Which is kind of crazy for me. So I'll just knit as many Harry Potter inspired things as I can.

I am so close to finishing my dark mark illusion scarf (which I started like a year ago and then put down for 9 months). I just need to block it and add fringe. I'll add pics when I'm done but here are the old pics of it .

My next project is going to be the house unity scarf. I'll knit it on circulars but I'm going to use this pattern (it was my favorite out of all the ones I've found). I'm going to use darker house colors more like the ones in the movie. I raided my yarn drawer and found this really pretty silky looking yarn in black, navy, green and maroon but I'm missing Hufflepuff yellow. I have the leftover yellow from my Starbuck hat (which is sitting proudly on my head) but it's not glossy like the others. So we'll see what I find tommorow at Michael's.

Also I should have put impatient on my list of negative qualities because it looks like I will have to wait another week before my app is posted at platform_934 . *sigh*