November 12th, 2008

ME Miranda

bye bye good city

I swear to god that if San Diego declares bankruptcy I am leaving the damn city. They want to close like 7 libraries or something. Sometimes it's so ridiculous living here.

oh and my dad is discussing his potential death in the other room. I hate when he does that. I'm always worried he's going to have a heart attack. Apparently he had a blip on his stress test which the cardiologist said was fine but the the tech indicated differently. So who do you trust. And his own doc isn't calling him back. My mom the nurse is currently convincing him to file a complaint since it isn't in the tech's purview to be diagnosing heart conditions. He could have conferred with the doctor but he shouldn't have been speaking to the patient like that. I worry because I have known so many people who's dad randomly died from a heart attack or an aneurism. It always came so suddenly.

ick. Enough talk about death.