November 18th, 2008

ME Miranda

Hogwarts is Home stuff

post for all my sigtags, clubs and items. Don't pay attention to it. i totally stole this from you inabsentialuci 

HiH communities




hih_insomniacs : my kind of comm (all posts must be made after midnight in order to count)
hh_clubs : main comm for clubs listed below
hogsmeadewkends : comm for Hogsmeade weekend events
hh_sugarquill : place to post fanfic (challenge fic or not)
hh_writersblock : gives 30 min prompts for writers
sortedchallenge : Harry Potter icon challenge
hp_stillness : icontest community
hogwartsicons : place to post graphics (icons, banners)
hih_yearbook : yearbook
hh_stmungos : register to become a healer
hh_stamping : get yourself stamped as a character during Hogsmeade
hh_flourish : place to order sigtags (my Catalog)     (my beta catalog and delivery template and update template)
hh_diagon : place to purchase books, wands, robes, familiars, etc.


Art Club
Astronomy Club - own / need (#008 collapsible telescope or #009 Antique Telescope, #014 Star Chart)
Care of Magical Creatures - own (silver tabby) / need (#042 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)
Charms Club - own (wand) / need ( #053 Achievements in Charming)
Defense Against the Dark Arts -
Divination Club - own (crystal ball) / need (#026 Unfogging the Future, #039 Death Omens, #Dream Oracle)
Dueling Club - own (wand) / need (#012 Lockharts Magical Me)
dumbledore's Army
Herbology Club - own / need (#One thousand magical herbs and fungi, #021 dragonhide gloves)
History of Magic - own (quill) / need (#37 History of Magic, #45 Modern Magical History, #58 Hogwarts: A History)
Muggle Cultural Society - own / need (#30 Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles)
Music Club - own ( account) / need (chorus robes)
Owl Post Secret - own / need (veritaserum)
Potions Club - own / need (#40 Magical Drafts and Potions, cauldron, scales, vials)
The Restricted Section - own (quill, parchment)
Shutterbug Society
The Slug Club
Sorters Anonymous - own / need (house patch, house scarf)
Wizarding Games
Wizarding Wear - own / need (dress robes, cloak)
Young Death Eaters