November 19th, 2008

ME Miranda

Thoughts while watch HP: OotP

1.) So...Harry and Snape...occlumency lessons...I'm ashamed of thinking shippy thoughts. Oh and I don't normally ship Harry/Snape.

2.) WHERE IS HARRY'S SCAR?!!!!!! I swear that he doesn't have it in half of his scenes

3.) god damnit Ginny! You just ruined thousands of people's prophecies. I hope you're happy.

4.) Snape...yup *sigh*

5.) remember how he rolls out that organizer that holds his wand. What was in the rest of that kit I wonder I kind of want him to have a wand for every occasion. One wand when he stays in, another to go out. Color coordinated with outfits of course.

6.) the last 20 minutes are my favorite scenes out of all the movies. I remember leaving the theater just emotionally drained. I loved it that much. Still do in fact.

7.) I'm doing my re-read and I'm amazed at how much I have forgotten. I'm so used to the changes they made in the movies that I forgot how it went down in the books.

8.) the music makes me want to cry (especially at the end with voldemort and Harry).