November 20th, 2008

BSG adama Papa love you

Nostagia like woah

awww I miss my friends (come back, come back to me Spinky . This is Q5 from a meme made by spinkkitty 

5) you have accidentally swallowed a huge dose of veritaserum and proceeded to somehow get stuck in an elevator with CKR. what would u be compelled to say if he asked you what you admired most about him and/or his acting skills.
ckr is in an elevator. Lunie enters.
LUNIE: (looks at ckr and then does a double take)
               Oh my God. You’re ckr aren’t you?
CKR: Excuse me.
LUNIE: You know, Ckr. As in Callum Keith Rennie. As in total sex god. Oh my, I can’t believe I just said that. (blushes)
CKR: It’s okay, really. It’s flattering.
LUNIE: I’m not a stalker you know. I don’t usually go around following old men into elevators. Did I just say you were old? Because you’re not old, well you’re not like derepit old. But you are just a few years younger than my father and that could get weird seeing as how I’m lusting after you.
CKR: Do you have a filter on that mouth because you seem to be just blurting out whatever comes to mind.
LUNIE: I noticed that. I read the latest Harry Potter book and thought it would be really neat to take veritaserum. It turns out that such a thing really does exist and can be purchased from your local drug/potions dealer.
CKR: So you have to say the truth, no matter what.
LUNIE: Uh huh, I really have no choice. The truth just spits out of my mouth whether I want it to or not.
CKR: Well, in that case. What do you really think about my career?
LUNIE: Honestly most of my obsession with you is because you are ridiculously hot. I am ashamed to say that I have only seen your work in Battlestar Galactica and that one episode of Supernatural which wasn’t your best by the way. I blame the script and the horrible pigeon holed character you were forced to play.
CKR: I see. So you like me as eye-candy more than as an actor. Which I take seriously by the way. I’m not one of those celebrities you see on tv or in the gossip magazines. Acting is my art.
LUNIE: Oh no, I know. And I really do want to see you in other things.
CKR: Well that’s good to hear.
LUNIE: You know, if this were to really be happening rather than just some imagined scenario conjured from an adled Lunie brain, I would probably be standing in the far corner there, not speaking and pretending that I don’t recognize you. All out of sheer fright and adoration of course.
CKR: Of course.